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My name is Jason, I am married with three young children. I joined Suiitelife Vacations in 2003. The sales presentation was very interesting and hard to believe yet I was left intrigued as to how my vacation experiences might improve if I joined. I am not a wealthy person and with three young children, I was concerned that I may have made a poor decision when I joined because of the size of the original investment. I can honestly say I probably have recouped most of the original investment in just a few years by using my membership. If people actually sit down and do the arithmetic with respect to how far a dollar goes for a 4 or 5 star family vacation, Suitelife offers a tremendous bang for the buck.

I have booked and traveled using my membership for a total of six weeks thus far since joining. I have used the home resort for a total of four weeks and have traveled to an outside destination for another two weeks. All of the places I have stayed were exceptional. Now, I must admit, I have become pretty comfortable with one destination in particular because my family and I are treated extremely well when we travel there, this is the Bahama Bay resort near Disney in Davenport (outside Orlando ) Florida. We have found that if there was a certain problem at the resort, It was a dealt with promptly, and the accommodations and surroundings are really attractive to a young family of five. This being said, it might not be for everybody but it certainly works for us.

We hope to branch out and explore new destinations as our children get older, and there certainly are a lot of chances with Suitelife but we just haven’t been able to do so at this time because of the ages of our children and their interests at this time. However I am confident that the staff at Suitelife will be able to help us out as time progresses. This brings me to the staff in Woodbridge, I am comfortable dealing with all the staff but I prefer to deal with Marilyn. Marilyn is extremely hard working, very personable and seems to care about your vacation experience. She has constantly worked very hard to see that my family is “looked after”.

You step up to the plate when you sign on the dotted line and join Suitelife Vacations and it is a hard thing to do, but you must realize that inflation will only continue to drive the price of vacations higher, and you are treated well once you become a member.

Cheers J
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